How this project came to be….and where it’s going

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

It all started in an attempt to make my mother happy. Seriously, i’ve been writing for years and my mom has always been my biggest fan. She is very subtle, poking, prodding, dropping little innuendo here and there. Never high pressure but over time it builds until you have two choices, either make an effort to please her or tell her to stop (which wouldn’t please her at all). So I wrote an essay in letter form titled “Dear Mr. President”. for a writing contest. The letter was about what it’s like to try to raise a PG child. Not just from an educational standpoint, but all of the little things, like keeping your mouth shut while all the mother’s at your kids playdate gush over their two year olds first words. Wondering what alien life form swooped in and gave your three year old the ability to read. Debating skills that many college freshmen would envy.  You all know what i’m talking about. I have no idea if the publisher will like it, hate it or just arbitrarily dump it in the slush pile.

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking about everyone else’s stories and you all have them. I read them on the forums and facebook. Always a little tight and veiled, always fearing that damn “braggard” tag even among peers. But why would people understand our lives? When you are owned by a child that is 1 in 500,000 the odds are that most of the world won’t ever even have the opportunity to meet one. The only occasion for exposure is the one that gets paraded out on stage for Oprah and that kid MUST have it all together, after all he’s on national T.V! 

 I want a chance to tell the real story, to give those that take the time to read the choice to understand. So now i’m on a mission. I want letters, lots of letters. What would you say if you had ten minutes with the President? “Dear Mr. President……” Take it from there.  A simple letter that describes what it’s like for you. Not a letter full of legalise or precedent, but rather a personal, heartfelt factual accounting of what it’s really like to raise a child in a world that is set to cater to the mainstream. 

I intend to compile those letters into a book and publish it for all the world to see. A clear, true picture of our amazing, wonderful kids without the stereotypes!

  A book of letters to hand our neighbors and friends who tell us how lucky we are to have kids that don’t have to work for it.  They might actually gain some insight and perspective. A book to hand new parents fresh of the shaky consequences of GT denial?  Might it not be some sort of road map for them, a place to go for ideas when they are holding their heads and muttering “what’s next?” I believe it can be.

I’m currently soliciting parents and guardians of these kids (you know who you are)to write me a letter. If you want anonymity, change the names but be honest in your story. I want the good and the bad, all of it for the world to see. Start with the line “Dear Mr. President” and a maximum count of 1500 words (not looking for War and Peace). Submit it to me at and I’ll take it from there. This promises to be an amazing journey and I hope you will consent to be part of it.

Many Thanks,



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